• Its surely ‘One & Done’ when You are a single-child family and it’s your choice to stop at one.

‘So, when is the next one arriving’? Or ‘Are you planning or not?’ questions or

suggestions like ‘The child must be feeling so lonely’ or ‘the kid needs a sibling’ follow disturb you? Are you in a dilemma? self-doubt?  Your inner narrative asks you, ‘Should we go for another?

  • You are a newly married couple, planning your finances, settling in a new relationship? or
  • A global conscious couple? Want to stop at one?

If the answer is a ‘ÝES’ to any or all of the above, then ONE & DONE IS FOR YOU.

This book emerges from practical insights. Having experienced most of the situations, heard those comments, for over a decade, having spoken to many couples, I have put all the experiences in ONE & DONE.

  • Tired of answering those relentless questions? Want your only child to learn sharing, caring, and other aspects for healthy overall development?
  • Bust the myths about the only child- being rude or introverted, lonely, and many more.?
  • Spirituality can contribute to raising an only child. Want to know?

ONE & DONE” is just not another book but a legacy for every parent with a single child, to learn from the book, teach their kids to be happy and independent, and also cherish the values from the book for a lifetime, to prove their point right in front of others.

The author is clear in her purpose to help and nurture the parents who need clarity and validation to defend their decision of having a single child and yet they can create a complete and happy family.

The decision of having a happy and complete family with a single child by any couple can have their own reasons and purpose – be it physical, emotional, financial. We have to stand by their decision and respect it, build it to have a society filled with LOVE and HAPPINESS instead of harassment and judgment. Overall, this book is “TREASURE FOR PARENTS WITH A SINGLE CHILD”!!!