Visiting a dying person? Noble act

I had a recent visit with my mom to a family where a 90 year old granny was in a very critical state, almost dying. I was a little nervous, worried as to what do I talk to the granny? What should I pick for her? Flowers or any eatables? Will she identify me? Mom had only one answer. It’s YOU! Your compassion, love, care, time- the best presents you can offer someone who is sick, in a hospital or a  nursing home, at home and bed bound with illness or injury, or someone who is dying in hospice. Visiting a dying person is more important than any material things. I picked some flowers which I thought would be something that might cheer her.

Visiting a dying person does matter.             dying peron

Granny was breathing heavily but rapidly too. She did open her eyes but I understood I was an alien now. At times she moved her hands pointing to the ceiling. Sometimes it felt she was in a conversation with someone which we failed to comprehend. The people around her were conversing in whispers.  Some about her ailments , few others about her as a person. I was always advised by my parents-Whenever  Someone is ill or dying due to chronic illness  the most humane deed is to visit them  in their present day rather than offering condolences after they are gone.. It does need courage in visiting a dying person.

Human touch for a dying person.

When life itself is in cuspofdestiny, human touch is very magical. A touch actually brightens up a home-bound or a dying person. I touched her forehead. In my heart I prayed to God to relieve her of all the pain that she was undergoing and her passing to the other world be smooth and easy. Perhaps her mission on this planet was fulfilled. May be all her dreams are realised or may be not. How does it matter now? Its her soul that needs a change.

PS: Granny breathed her last may be half-an hour later.

I thanked my mom for presenting an opportunity to visit a dying person most importantly when she was alive.

Was she talking to someone invisible? who could it be?Do the dying see their deceased family members? these questions bothered me very much. Any answer from any reader? Post in the comments section at the end of this blog…