So what’s the letter about? asked my husband . My daughter too excited to open it for me. ‘I was stunned. A letter from a Virus to Us? My eyes almost popping out. The one who has created havoc , destruction to the world…the cause of pain, fear, anger, ..hit the global economy…And now…A note to me??? Cannot be. Why did I touch it? Am I infected now? Fear gripped my mind.

Contents: The letter was a questionnaire sort of. Hey you.. How are you doing? Dare to answer ..

  1. Do you now accept the fact that you are helpless? You always thought of yourself as a powerful person. What are you now? I felt my ego crumbling. I didn’t want to accept it though it was a reality, a bitter truth.
  2. Your inventions brought destruction upon mankind. Do you hold yourself responsible for this? I screamed.. no ways… humans developed new technologies for the betterment of mankind, not to destroy. I felt the great urge to crush that tiny virus. How dare it accuse me!!
  3. You harmed the environment. you cut trees. didn’t you? you selfish human. I enjoy to see you helpless.
  4. .Mother Earth is healing because of me. . I couldn’t deny this. It was correct… cause we are at home, no travel. no pollution .no littering the beach. The animals and birds are finally breathing fresh air, enjoying Nature.
  5. The Virus went ahead… Did you ever attempt to spend quality time with your family? I went red. Didn’t we have family outings on weekends? Family outings? with the stress of business activities? Did you enjoy the lunch at the restaurant? or the outing at the Resort? . I calmed.

Killer question from a Virus

Do you attribute all your success to your creator? DO YOU HAVE TIME FOR HIM? You are behaving as if you are the Master of this Universe? inventions, robots, clones, age reversals……endless is the list. HE created you and you dominate, misuse HIS creation? How dare you?


I was reading a fat book not a letter.

I flung it out of the window. .only to be shaken by my daughter.

It was a terrible dream. Sweat trickled . Perhaps the fat book had many more questions. I took deep breath. So many rectifications to do.

  • Pray with faith in the Master, the creator.
  • Respect Nature.. (They say God forgives always. Man forgives sometimes…but Nature never forgives.) Utilize the Natural resources wisely.
  • Do your best to succeed, but always thank God for His Grace on humans.
  • Make time for your loved ones….our elderly parents. Tomorrow we too shall be old and wait for our children to return home.
  • Pay attention to your body. Value health.
  • Develop good, healthy habits.

The list is endless . The questions would have been many, to answer God, to answer the virus.

I just want to say a simple, Thank you God for creating humans–your most beautiful creation. Take care of us all Lord.!! WE have erred. but your Love is infinite. Forgive us.

I fell into deep slumber with these beautiful thoughts.