Exams over… results declared…Graduation day. They were too excited to hear The Two Paths in Life, a final speech of the Principal. He arrived, congratulated the students, delivered a short speech with long pieces of advice. He concluded The choices we make today determine our tomorrows. We always have Two Paths in Life, the choice of one determines our future.

The Two Paths- for a student.

Our life as a student is a major factor that determines our adult life. Every time we have two paths…

Study to gain knowledge for a long term or study to score good marks in a particular term?

In class pay attention to the teacher explaining or, the boy/girl sitting next, or maybe some fancy stationary item the other student has brought?

The examiner is not watching. Should you focus on your answer sheet or peek into someone else sheet?

You have time. Would you re-visit your important topics or just surf the channels on TV?

(These are just few instances to mention… there are many more!!!)

Two Paths in Life -as adult.

Choosing the correct path becomes very crucial as an adult. Do we make choices on the basis of our thoughts or, the influence of others or on the basis of money or health? It’s so very important because we live with them. In fact, we’ve made choices of The Path we’re going to travel in life. Be it a profession to choose or a life-partner or a location for a residence…we always have the Two Paths.

It is now The Path in Life forever, upon which we have chosen to walk for a long time to come.
It has consequences, good or bad, depends on which path it is. 
I want the freedom to do what I want to do, go where I want to go. I don’t want anybody telling me what I can do and what I can’t do. That’s the path, It’s nobody else’s business but yours. But if you insist on living that kind of life, you will end up with the consequences the pathway provides.

So its the choice that we make. The Two Paths in Life always exists… Your choice…