Determination :

A positive emotional feeling that involves persevering towards a difficult goal in spite of obstacles. This is the dictionary meaning of Determination.  We are what we are because of our determination to be.

Determination to lose weight

Roopali @ 100 kg

In this post, I share one such true story of determination.

Roopali my friend weighed 100 kg. Joining any kind of celebration seemed a task especially when it came to choosing clothes for the occasion. While her friends would comfortably fit into the latest in attires, Roopali was left with no choice except for the XXL sizes. She would envy her sister who was abreast of the latest trends in clothing.

Should I attend this function? How can I drop it? What do I wear? These questions always bothered her. Slowly frustration set in. Until she was determined to lose those extra kilos that she was carrying. She joined a Fitness center in her vicinity. The first month was over and not a few grams lost. Anxiety started to build up. Every time that she would have food she would check her weight. It became a kind of obsession. Many a time it would be before bathing,  after bathing. She was firmly determined to lose weight. Strict check on calories, consuming fat-free food, avoiding her favorite sweets, ice creams… so many favorites…given up….only because she was determined.

Determined to lose weight

Roopali now @ 72 kg

Three months later she actually saw the weigh scale drop a few kg. This motivated her to continue her diet regime and all physical activities until a year later when she dropped from 100 kg to 72 kg. It is three years now but Roopali could keep her weight in check. In fact, she moved a step ahead by starting her own Aerobics and Fitness center where she motivates heavyweight females to lose weight. She is a live example of weight-loss and a role model for others. All because of her Determination. Her passion for cycling is an aided advantage for weight -loss.

This is a true example of the Magic of DETERMINATION