Father's Day

My little girl and her dad wishing all fathers -Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just round the corner.

Though the idea originated in the US, there have been conflicts about its exact origin. Many believe it was Washington resident Sonora Dodd’s idea.  Dodd was raised by her father as a single parent started a campaign to have a  day for fathers, apparently after hearing a Mother’s Day sermon in 1910.The first such “Father’s Day” was held in Spokane in 1910.  Later different towns and cities across America following suit. Over the years, the concept of celebrating Father’s Day spread beyond geographical boundaries. Today, millions of children across the world express gratitude for their dads
as they celebrate Father’s Day festival.

Importance of Father’s Day

Traditionally it is the father who is  mostly seen  as a provider and guide for children.  The culture of nuclear family in current times has significantly changed  the scenario today. With both spouses being career oriented, fathers in present times are as involved in child rearing job as the mothers are. Most fathers do not shy away from changing nappy or taking the difficult task for putting the baby to sleep. In fact many are  eager to take turns to spend quality time with their bundle of joy. This cultural change is helping in strengthening father-child relationship and consequently in emotional development of a child and building of stronger family bonds.

Significance of Father’s Day in my life

Father’s Day festival gave me the opportunity to express thanks to my  Dad for all his unconditional love and affection.  It is an opportunity to come closer to dad , to express love and respect for him. Very often we as children take love of our parents for granted. On one such Father’s Day I gifted a wrist watch for my dad. He was overwhelmed and found it a little difficult to accept it. He felt it was too expensive and that I should save money for future.I knew my dad and his sentiments. The next day he wore it to his workplace and was so happy to tell all his colleagues about the gift and how much he liked it. They appreciated my love for my dad.  These  kind of sentiments have been very instrumental in strengthening my relationship with my dad.

Remembering DAD on Father’s Day.

Dad and me were always a team.He was my ideal man and continues to be. I just adore him for all that he has given to me, for all his love and care that I received.  I consider myself to be very blessed for having a wonderful dad. He isn’t here physically but every memory of him is within me, in my heart and soul. Every time I look up the sky and see a twinkling star, I feel it is him. He is there watching over my family and me. In my most difficult moments, when things seem too tiring I speak to him. In my best moments I wish he was around to see how his little girl is doing in life.

P.S:  To all the beautiful daughters and sons too…On 17th June 2018…

Take full opportunity of the day and express your gratitude for fathers with all your heart. Do small things that daddy appreciates and by saying “I love you, Papa” with a gift of beautiful flower. Let us acknowledge the contribution of a father to a family and to  society as large. As we go about in life, preoccupied with everything , running madly to meet deadlines, we often fail to acknowledge people who are important to us. Most of the times our parents.  We tend to take them and the hardships they undergo for us, for granted. Perhaps this is why we  need to take out days from the calendar and spend them celebrating and acknowledging the things they have done for us.

Someday in cuspofdestiny we too shall grow old. 

The little gestures of love and care that we share with our parents will go a long way. These expressions register in  the minds of our children. They certainly imitate them. Just like our parents we too may not have craving for the temporary earthly materials, but the eternally beautiful emotion called LOVE…

Enjoy everyday. Live every moment. Celebrate every moment. Life is the most beautiful gift of the CREATOR