Keeping in touch is very essential for any relationship to blossom and grow. My post in May on Touch received a warm response from few individuals. My mentor, who is also a father-figure for me suggested me to write on the Unusual touch – Punishment touch.

Punishment touchPunishment

The immediate thought that strikes us is of spanking, a slap, a punch, twisting the ear-lobes….so on and so forth. Often, but not always this punishment is associated with school teachers especially the middle school. But very often this behavior is purely exhibited in prisons for criminals. Whenever an individual commits a grave, irreparable mistake it is the Punishment Touch that gains terrific victory over his peace and respect. So Sad! There is no way out. But does this bring positive results every time? Maybe no. Since it inflicts pain it unleashes the negative aspect of a human-Anger, Revenge, the urge to inflict similar pain. Could this punishment touch be effective in the lives of humans?

The Positive Punishment touch – A spontaneous touch, a genuine touch.Curious to understand?

As a child at times when I would not take my books or disobey my dad, he would refuse to talk to me. It would be a punishment but without inflicting physical pain. I would retrace my path. We can fondly remember one such teacher who touched our life without inflicting pain. By his / her loving words made us realize the value of academics. This kind of silent punishment brings positive results in the lives of our close ones. The effect sinks for a long time to come. Punishing someone, but with love and care makes a lot of difference. Why raise your hand or spank a child? My mom would roll her eyes, or refuse to meet my demands in case I have faltered. It needs a lot of patience too Depression, Anxiety disorder, nervousness, emotional stress, suicidal thoughts need a touch of words, not punishment, not scoldings but care and love. If our words can touch their lives and bring back their confidence and eagerness to stay strong and confident perhaps life would be very beautiful. We would see less sad, lonely people around. But to do this, we first need to be calm, composed with a positive attitude.

Anytime imposed this punishment touch? 

to someone close to you, maybe your student, your child, your husband/ wife, a subordinate or a colleague at your workplace or elsewhere? Try it.Punishment touch -touching hearts Rather than raising your voice,  be stern in expressing your requirements as a senior. Change in tone of expression helps. Your words will be magical for them and bring about the CHANGE beneficial to the surrounding. You need not present a memo when things can be done in a smooth manner. Touch someone s life, restore their confidence, the will to move ahead and look for a fresh beginning, instill the confidence, the faith in their own self. These acts of kindness come from a  loving heart.

By doing this we are restoring the positive energy of Nature and nurturing Humanity. Simultaneously a positive attitude

One can practice punishment touch, with grown-ups, spouse, with elders and save relations. My next post, an extension of this will speak more.








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