We all have dreams and ambitions and strive to achieve throughout our life. No matter how big or small these goals are, success in achieving them revolves around- The Four D’s. Implement these four key factors. Stand apart as achievers, not as commoners.

1. Desire

2. Determination

3. Dedication

4. Discipline

PUT THEM TOGETHER, ALLOW THEM TO WORK TOGETHER. The word IMPOSSIBLE will cease to exist in your life. These POWERFUL MAGICAL words are like Pillars for LIFE – strictly connected. Dare to drop one, the other three can’t work anymore. The magic equilibrium will vanish.


DesireDesire determination dedication with discipline to succeed

Kids display this element of desire to a greater extent. They garner a desire for toys, dolls,  shoes…the list is endless. Every kid says: I want this, I want that, especially the things that they don’t have. In the beginning, they are simply objects. With the passing of time, they become expensive objects. During our childhood days, our parents buy them or the pocket-money that we receive supports us. As we grow up and go to work, we just buy them from our own money. However, there are other things, that cannot be bought. Like we could have the desire to draw or paint, to play an instrument, to sing, to write or to play a sport, maybe cricket!
It is easy to just cover the paper with lines or the canvas with colors or make noise with an instrument or with the voice, or kick the ball around in a backyard. However, if we would like to draw a portrait or paint like the great masters, play an instrument or sing in a way that we can perform on stage then it would be a very hard task. At this point, the basic instinct  Desire is what makes us want those things which we don’t have. Unfortunately, we cannot buy talents or skills. We thus have to use the second D-Determination


Many a time if a certain thing is too difficult to possess people would prefer to have something else. But in this manner, we will never achieve anything in life. However, if we are very persistent about something and work hard to have it, means we have Determination as a great weapon. It takes courage, to try again and again, no matter how many times. Just like a goal on the horizon, the more we walk toward it, the more it stays on the horizon and doesn’t come close. As we get closer, we have a better and clearer vision. THE DETERMINATION TO REACH THAT GOAL  makes us better. Never Give up. Never lose hope. Attempt doing things that are difficult for others to do. Do not walk the beaten path.
Obviously, to do this, one needs the third D- DEDICATION.


Wake every day with purpose and intent,.Remind yourself of that special dream which you need to work upon to achieve.  Stick to your goals. Be committed to your goals, even after the mood you said it in, has left you. Repetition, repetition and more repetition, become mechanically right under pressure. Only then we do not think but act in fact we  RE-ACT!  When some object is thrown in our face from close, we don’t think that the object can hurt our eyes. There is no time to think! Our brain reacts mechanically and our hand immediately raises and protects our eyes. We are reacting, not acting after thinking. We have to react perfectly right and make the automatic right choice. Repetition TAKES TIME and makes way for the fourth D-Discipline

DISCIPLINEDesire Determination Dedication Discipline

Almost all people, in repeating endless exercises, get bored. More than Patience we need DISCIPLINE.Not
the external Discipline that commands obedience, but an interior discipline that pushes us to continue, to not give up, Never take the eyes off from our goals. The concept of getting better is an endless effort. Hence Great Masters are HUMBLE LEARNERS. Discipline is the glue that sticks desire, determination, and dedication together. Without this glue, they do not come close to each other. Very few people have the patience and the interior discipline, to repeat, repeat and repeat. Hence there are a limited number of successful dancers, actors, doctors, or sportsperson.

Anyone can draw, paint, dance, play, sing or kick the ball around. Doing all of this is a good thing and its fun too. But to be someone successful and not anyone COMMONER we CERTAINLY HAVE TO USE THE 4Ds.