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Visiting a Dying person

Visiting a dying person? Noble act I had a recent visit with my mom to a family where a 90 year old granny was in a very critical state, almost dying. I was a little nervous, worried as to what… Continue Reading →

Relevance of Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just round the corner. Though the idea originated in the US, there have been conflicts about its exact origin. Many believe it was Washington resident Sonora Dodd’s idea.  Dodd was raised by her father as a single… Continue Reading →

How Pet Dog Keep Us Happy

Pet Dog: Why a dog as pet? A big NO from my dad. It becomes messy, the fur, the forced walk. You cannot leave them home when on vacation. .No pet dog. Not all resorts are pet friendly. It isn’t… Continue Reading →

Hard-work can kill you

Hard-work will bring you success: We all have heard this most of the times that its only “‘hard-work that will bring you success” from our parents, teachers, our elders , our seniors at workplace and from any such individual who… Continue Reading →

Touch & Importance of staying connected.

Touch- the connect: He placed his palms over her head. With warmth and affection looked in her eyes, kissed her softly and wished her Good Luck with the words ‘Keep in Touch’. Tears welled in her eyes. For her he… Continue Reading →

Expectations , Efforts and Change in Approach.

Expectations Last winter we bought few cuttings of Roses from a renowned Nursery. Back in the nursery the roses were in full blooms. I had very similar expectations for  my garden too. Excitement coupled with greed to possess such roses… Continue Reading →

Change- a plethora of mixed feelings

 Awaiting Change   Was this a positive change? Was this change so easy? Anna a bubbly girl of ten just loved going to school. School for her was a place where she enjoyed being with her friends, sharing lunch boxes,… Continue Reading →

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