Raising a single child is indeed a challenge. To answer the relentless questions about the arrival of the next, to overcome the feeling of guilt and self doubt, to answer the questions by the child during growing years about a sibling…..etc…all in all is at times too much to handle.

With the current pandemic, the dilemma of adding a second child is very obvious. The book ONE & DONE makes an attempt to address most of the challenges of being parents of a single child.

This book by  Veronica Dsouza is a very unique & much-needed one.

How many times & in how many homes having a child, having 1 or 2 has becom a bone of contention where the influencer n/w around over powers the decision makers

The world is changing, so do the tenacity of people. ONE & DONE, at length, discusses social and peer pressure, homely duties, spirituality, emotions, worries & privileges that fall in the line with 1 child.

#selfhelp book for parents who think that having 1 child is like living always on tenterhooks

ONE & DONE endorses that a happy family is possible even parents have just one adorable kid in the album. For single parents, this book is undoubtedly a treasure. But it doesn’t mean that people struggling with many kids’ grooming cannot have it.

Lucid narration, researches from top-notched universities, real-life examples & stories make this book engaging.

Veronica has kept the banality at bay while delivering a self-help book- ONE & DONE.