The table was set for breakfast. Brown-bread, eggs, butter, jam, a jar full of Orange juice, a basket laden with colorful bright fruits-apples, black grapes and the greens too. A tetra-pack of milk too adorned the table. Seemed a perfect, power-packed breakfast. Pam was very happy. But something was missing? A motivation for breakfast…

The intruder in motivation for breakfast?

Jim her husband was busy surfing his cell. Oscar her son hooked to the iPad, with headphones to his ears. Tina her daughter was surfing the channels on the T.V . Breakfast just waiting to be consumed. Often this is a common sight in our families too. Pam was worried about Tina’s weight issues. Every afternoon Oscar would complain that he felt very exhausted. He was least interested in playing in the evenings. It was high time she tried some motivational tips for having breakfast without distraction.

Some questions Pam tried, to motivate her family to having breakfast:

“Tina, would you like to see yourself as a fat, big sack, muscles hanging loose? or would you love to dress up like all those gorgeous girls in your college?” Had I been you I would love to wear all those outfits your colleagues flaunt very often.” She further explained —

When you skip out on the most important meal of the day this is what happens to your body: 1)Metabolism comes to a halt or at least a snail’s pace 2)Fat is then stored in your body like a hibernating bear before winter.3)You eat big portions at the next meal due to the starvation situation you created by skipping breakfast resulting in weight gain and high levels of bad cholesterol. Breakfast will help you with weight loss.

How children can be motivated:

Oscar, would you go for a swim with me in the evening? He was excited. It was a different question.”‘But Oscar only if you complete your breakfast. Breakfast provides you with an energy boost to start the day off right. If you are hungry you will be thinking only about food, not any activities. ”

”Oscar do you know? breakfast foods are good sources of important nutrients such as calcium, iron and B vitamins as well as protein and fiber. The body needs these essential nutrients. If these are missed at breakfast, they cannot be compensated with other meals and you feel exhausted, drained, without any energy. How will you swim? How will you skate? ” Oscar listened carefully and agreed to have a complete breakfast without any distraction.

Jim who heard Pam advising Tina And Oscar had received a message for him too. Pam requested them all to keep the dining table cleared, without any gadgets. They also decided on giving the kids extra points for their pocket money or any such treats once a month.
Kick the day off with a beautiful, delicious, romantic breakfast .

frustrating for moms…but motivation for breakfast is highly needed.