MONKEY MENACE? They often ransack homes and bite people in residential colonies. Urbanization and industrialization have disturbed the homes of monkeys and they have strayed into urban areas. Trappers take a small cage out into the jungle with bananas or other fruits or nuts locked inside. The monkey comes, spots the bananas, reaches through the narrow rungs of the cage, grabs a banana. Sadly can’t get it out. He tries hard, twists his hand back and forth, but cannot pull his hand out hanging on to the bait. The trappers are approaching but the monkey won’t let go of the bait. For the trappers, it’s simply a matter of coming up and grabbing the monkeys. Any of us witnessing this, would scream, YOU foolish monkey!!!  “Drop the Banana!” save your life!!

Many a time just like the monkeys, we too cannot let go of our attitudes, our negatives. We may hold on to a grudge of years, unable to erase it from our memory and hence disallow peace and joy to enter our lives, and forever feel sad.stop being monkey, enjoy life
Quite often I have heard people expressing a strong desire to quit smoking is taking hard drinks. but do they at least attempt? Do they try to overcome that temptation, that urge to smoke? Why is it so, certain problems are eternal problems to overcome? Do we attempt to find a solution, an alternative? Or have we gotten so comfortable that we just continue with the same attitude?  We just don’t want to drop that banana. we derive happiness and pleasure in doing the same action even if it does more harm than good to us..”

Sometimes we just have to bring everything to a complete halt. Self-examination is necessary for change although it is very uncomfortable. Comfort stops us from growing. Sometimes we say, “I tried but I just couldn’t do it.” But aren’t we fooling ourselves? Do or do not. There is no try. Ask someone addicted to either smoking or hard drinks or any such vices… they all understand the ill effects of smoking on the lungs or the effect of drugs or hard drinks on the liver. However, they are so used to it that they cannot quit or find it too difficult to quit. They might want someone else to change in sense (not question them). Trying is easier than doing. Doing takes discipline, but by saying Í am trying we can easily evade the questions.

Why can’t we let go of our negatives, hold a grudge for so many years and punish our heart? Why do we keep holding our loved ones to our heart, restrict their freedom? A great person rightly said 80% of our problems are because of our own actions. What am I doing about the 80%-(my problems)?  or am I holding that 20% -(the problems of the outside world)and getting anxious about it?. We don’t have to fall sick to realize the value of good health. But are we ready to quit our laziness and take up a fitness activity? We have the chance, the capacity, and the answers. All of the elements are there. We just have to make the decision. When we fail to do this, it doesn’t just harm us individually. It hurts all of us.  One person doesn’t make a country. One person doesn’t make a family. It takes all of us to make a  better world to live in, not someone else or some other power but our responsibility.

drop monkeys. Life is beautifulAs we look at the problems in our own lives, think about that monkeys in the jungle. Step back and look at ourselves struggling through life – ensnared by our problems. Just shake head and ask, “Why don’t I just drop the banana!” Enjoy my freedom in the true sense, in the right spirit? Just drop all the worldly baits that can offer only so-called temporary happiness, instead live life every moment, enjoy all the beautiful things that God -Our Divine Master has provided. And importantly keep our soul happy and pure so that when the time comes to depart, to attain true freedom we are not held by worldly baits like the Monkeys of the jungle…