Memories- The retention of information over time for the purpose of influencing future action.


Paulo Coelho the famous, writer quotes in his novel ALEPH

“WE invented something called , “memory” just like on a computer. Memory protects us from danger, allows us to live as social beings, to find food, grow, pass on to the next generation everything we have learned, but it’s not the main matter of life.”

Collection of memories:

Our life is a collection of memories. Every incident that has happened becomes a memory and makes us who we are as a person. They are not just for reflection on the past but help us to make decisions for the future too.  Pull out your drawer .Look at the pictures of your self, your close friends, your parents. You will be amazed to see the transformation they all have undergone in all aspects.

About cuspofdestiny

Cuspofdestiny is a blog about memories that I as an individual have experienced, seen or heard in different stages of my life. They are very common, normal day to day incidents. I have attempted to bring out the inner meaning in each incident.


Together we have a whole lot of moments to create HISTORY.

celebrating memories