One is a mother while the other is in her teens. Both are the apple of my eyes. When I sit back and reminisce all those beautiful moments of my life…with these two girls… all that my heart says is this…..Let me love you a little more…

One was very calm, very responsible. She understood even before I conveyed it to her.

There was something about her, she seemed to have grown up too early. Any issues concerning finances she was very supportive by curtailing her expenses, her requirements. She always believed, what she had was the best and nothing else could be compared with it. and she still believes in this

She avoided comparison and hence never felt sad about not having the so-called best things that children her age had.

“Come, dear child, Let me love you a little more for you are so understanding and caring…..I would say

On a serious note, I ask myself: Did I curtail her emotional growth? Why would our close friends comment: There is something deep within her heart. To the world, she is very calm and composed.

Is everything fine with her?

Yes of course she was absolutely fine.

People who come in touch with her confide in her most of the time, they share their darkest secrets. She receives love and in turn, she gives it back. She says: HE has blessed me. The Invisible protects me and HE showers HIS Love on me always at all times.

When I hear her saying this, my heart says: Come closer, my dear..Let me Love you a little more.

She is still a mystery for me. I feel like she is holding an ocean in her heart.

Why I want to love the other one a little more

The little one is a great rock of strength. She is very bold, fearless very explicit in expressing her thoughts and expressions.

Often her friends presume her a rude, inconsiderate person which isn’t so always.

Little things matter a lot for her. One cannot be rude to her, say NO on her face. She will have tears rolling while demanding an explanation for such rude behavior. She is a little weird. If she is furious she has tears rolling, big fat tears…

I see her in tears and my heart weeps. I say ,’Come let me love you a little more.’

She cannot tolerate misbehavior with animals. She aspires to take up veterinary science, dreams of having a shelter for stray dogs.

When milk is boiled and cooled the cream that settles on the surface called lactoderm is used for various purposes like in chocolates, milkshakes, as a natural exfoliator and it gives your skin a Natural Glow. The cream also heals sunburns, which are so agonizing and painful too.

So also my little one is a healing factor for me. She will lighten me by her talks, her stories. Her sense of humor is so wonderful, to take away my worries and pain….

Every time I hear her, I see her, my heart says…

Let me Love you a Little more.. before you are not little anymore.

And she will rush to me to hug me tight and shower all her love on me.

I wonder Am I a little one or is she a little one?

One is my daughter , the other is my grandchild!!!