Pet Dog:Pet dog-Jazz

Why a dog as pet? A big NO from my dad. It becomes messy, the fur, the forced walk. You cannot leave them home when on vacation. .No pet dog. Not all resorts are pet friendly. It isn’t a matter of a day or two, but at least 10 years or more. He wasn’t wrong. However that was not correct too. I know for sure ,

Pet dog is always a great companion!

Our family always had a dog as a companion and friend. The first one a Spitz named Monty was with us for 15 long years. We remember Monty as a ‘Grand’  pa dog. Monty was followed by Warren a Rottweiler. Although rottweilers are a ferocious breed Warren was very friendly at home but very protective out. Wherever you go we could feel him following us. Now we have Jazz -A Golden Retriever. I hug Jazz so many times in a day. The first one to wake me up with his cold nostril, or swipe of his tongue…. the feeling of touch is so wonderful.

You can talk anything, just anything  with your pet dog…!!

Are you stressed? Talk to your pet. They cannot provide a solution to our complex human problems. But don’ t they say “‘ talking out your problems makes your heart a little lighter”‘. On days when I am burdened by some painful incidents and I am quiet my dog will understand this. His pair of innocent eyes comfort me or a swipe of his tongue certainly puts back the smile on me. Experts say that Spending just a few minutes with a pet can lower anxiety and blood pressure, and increase levels of serotonin and dopamine, two neuro-chemicals that play big roles in calm and well-being.

Walk your pet dog out and you will certainly find someone special…!!!

Not just someone special you also tend to make friends. You become an extrovert or outgoing”. You can actually have a circle of pet owners, meet your date. Being out with my pet dog Jazz has actually made me active socially and physically as well. Is it not great?

A pet dog  brings in meaning and purpose

In our cuspofdestiny, as we grow older—it becomes difficult to find a purpose to wake up early. Dogs take care of that. “They force people to continue to do things. Even if my mom is  not feeling well emotionally or physically, the dog still want to feed him and take him out for a walk. ‘I cannot focus on my needs. I need to get up and take care of my friend here.” says mom.

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