A message on Expectation

Last winter we bought few cuttings of Roses from a renowned Nursery. Back in the nursery the roses were in full blooms. I had very similar expectations for  my garden too. Excitement coupled with greed to possess such roses forced me to buy similar cuttings. Adding to the excitement were the many buds just waiting to bloom.
Once we were home I spared not a moment to plant the cuttings in the flower-pots. With happiness and joy and of course with lot of expectations I sprinkled water, laid the soil, the manure and all.


A lady engrossed in gardening

Every morning I would religiously water the plants , with extra attention and care for the rose plants. This activity although was a routine one however with the introduction of Rose i couldn’t wait to see the buds bloom. A week passed and it became a little disappointing to see not a single one bloom. I speculated various possibilities. Were the plants receiving sufficient sunlight? Are they infested with pests? Is the manure sufficient? Everything seemed fine. Still no flowers yet. What could the reason be? My efforts seemed to be fruitless.

Change in Approach

A fortnight later when I still didn’t chance to see a single flower I decided to re-position the rose plant and placed it in a partly shaded corner. It had been treceiving too much of sunshine at the former location.
A week went by and one fine morning I couldn’t believe my eyes. The first tiny bud showing a little of its petals. A light crimson colored bud waiting to bloom, at its cuspofdestiny.com ,exposing just a little part of itself. A couple of days later my happiness knew no

bounds to see a bright red colored rose flower in full bloom .A fully bloomed Rose

Change in Approach in Daily life Adapt Change

Many a times at home ,with our spouse or with our kids or even at our workplaces or  in our interpersonal relationships we fail to understand the reason for displeasure, misunderstanding resulting in strained relations. At times we practice the same traditional approach which yields no results.

As a mom if I desire my child should take up reading as an activity how do I do it in an easy -to-practice manner?

Should I continuously remind her to read? That will be boring. She wouldn’t take it up. In case I am stern she might read however  she wont enjoy reading. It would be forceful reading rather than a spontaneous reading.

I remember one of my best friend would read a book every night on her bed till she fell asleep. Slowly her daughter started to do the same. A few  days later  they would read the book and talk about the characters, share their opinion and thus have fun This activity became a regular habit which the  child practiced regularly and thus developed a liking for reading.

There could be various approaches for a particular problem. At times following the unconventional path brings in positive results.

Every Day is indeed a new day…