Declutter shouting in my ears

Monday mornings usually are very pressing. After a relaxing weekend getting back to your routines is a little discomfort. Hurrying to get  ready for my workplace I pulled open the door of my wardrobe. A pile of clothes just greeted me right on my face. Phew! Seemed they were just waiting to jump out of the wardrobe. DECLUTTER! this word flashed in my mind. Declutter! If you want to enjoy life then Declutter. Simplifying my life was very essential.But how to go about it? How do you start when you are facing a mountain of clutter, and another mountain of commitments?The kids?the kitchen..

Physical DeclutterDeclutter to enjoy life

The answer became clear.Keep it simple as you go. I told myself ‘No more than 10 minutes. I just put all those clothes into one pile, and start with the first dress.I asked myself: Do I really need this? Am I wearing  it regularly? Am I crazy about this tops?When the  answer to any of these questions was no I knew what I had to do. No putting back in my wardrobe but put them in a box and decided which ones to donate or recycle or give it to someone who might want it. My choicest clothes went back in the wardrobe , their place.

I wanted to complete the entire process with perfection, but my mind shouted a big NO. Instead I stopped after 10 minutes and continued the next day for another 10 minutes, and so on. Thus I regained that one small spot in my wardrobe again. If you want to do more than 10 minutes, do so.But be careful not to overdo it in the beginning else you will feel it difficult and not want to continue.

Declutter is helpful

Once I had the ball rolling, I  keep decluttering in small bits with one area to focus on ,each week. No worries about perfection. I only try to keep it simpler. I know I  can always declutter it more later. Sometimes when I cannot bear to part with some of my favorites and if my husband is around I take his help. He is usually much more dispassionate and ruthless and this eases my heart to do away with the clothes I don’t want to keep. Enjoy the space. Once you’ve decluttered an area,  focus on how much you love the simplified space. Once you’re hooked on to this simplicity, you’re more likely to keep going. Since my wardrobe now had only those ‘wearable clothes’ I had options to dress up new everyday. 

Another CHANGE to follow- Declutter people in your life. next post….coming soon…