With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, here I am just wondering, trying to understand that pure, divine feeling -LOVE. My heart shouts for my daughter with joy and says…My darling Daughter inspired me... Mommies of cute daughters do you too feel the same? Have you started thinking about it?

Daughter and mother relationship

Do you recollect the feeling when your eyes first saw her beautiful face? Felt LOVE? I felt it. She welcomed me into this beautiful mother-daughter relationship with a cute, slow movement of her lips… Smiled at me… Eyes closed. I wondered … Is it LOVE? I was re-introduced to this divine feeling. From that very moment, she wasn’t just a daughter but also a very good friend. As a daughter, she has inspired me to practice patience. The frequent waking up at night to feed her or change her nappies or changing her clothes, her tantrums for food etc..was an opportunity to practice patience. Many a time I would wish to just run away to a lonely planet!!!. Any mom reading this, who didn’t feel something similar? But that was how darling daughter inspired me to learn new things.

Your Darling Daughter growing up!!

O how wonderful it is to see your darling daughter growing up!!! all efforts to re-learn, re-visit my Kindergarten days. The actions of action songs had changed. It was fun to learn again. We have done craziest things together. The Adventures of TIN-TIN, 1st day, 1st show early morning at 9:00 with just 4 seats occupied. we thoroughly enjoyed RIO-part 2 ,laughed till we cried, cried when we came out of the multiplex only to find the bike towed away by the traffic police. I grew up with her ,watching movies of Doraemon, Shin-Shan, Chhota-Bheem, Tom n Jerry, Thomas & Friends, Thomas O Malley…..the list is endless and we still do the same. All Harry Potter series, Anabelle series, Alvin and the chipmunks…..many more.

Daughter always a daughter

Daughters are darlings forever for parents. On days when I am too busy with my household chores, she will remind me to call my mom. Other times she will call my mom and ask her well-being. In case Mom is unwell she will insist me to get her to my place. Mom will say, “She is a Daughter just like you”. Is it a compliment for me or for her? “Certainly for her” says mom. When I am quietly observing her, admiring her, she will come and hug me very lovingly. Those moments are very precious for me, a priceless gift of love. These moments are an inspiration to learn new things,to ponder on how best can I be for her?

My Darling daughter inspired me ,to allow a peek into my little world of love.

This Valentine’s day she is my Valentine. …Love you S.

Love you Forever….Mommy

my daughter who inspired me