A mischievous boy of 12, with average grades, of class 7 Jim changed to a more responsible student, who no more allowed his mom to remind him of his studies and homework. She was very happy for him and for herself. No more yelling..No more reminding to study she thought and was happy. But what was the magic? She wondered. Crush on the teacher?? A girlfriend? Her heart whispered.

Crush on teacher because of appreciation

As parents how often do we appreciate our kids for the small achievements? Many times we tend to just brush it aside and motivate them for bigger goals. As humans we all have a hunger for appreciation , and children desire to be appreciated. When a teacher appreciates her students”efforts, expresses her happiness in his achievements, it is great happiness for the student too. He feels he is recognized and thus develops a beautiful feeling…. a feeling, a desire to experience that happiness again and again..He makes sincere efforts to please the teacher by putting extra hours of studies, gaining extra knowledge, prompt reply to questions.That beautiful feeling ..crush on the teacher because of appreciation!!!

crush on a teacher

Is it wrong to have crush on your teacher?

It is definitely normal to have crushes on teachers. Crushes are something that everyone experiences at some point of view and the human brain is actually biologically programmed to fall in love.
From the students’ point of view, a teacher is someone who listens to what they say, who engages them in conversation – and that kind of attention can be misinterpreted, leading to students developing crushes on their teachers. But the relationship between student and teacher is not possible. The age difference is a big difference. To hope that the crush will culminate in a long term togetherness is something inappropriate.

How can a teacher handle crush?

The important thing is, how the teacher in the position of responsibility deal with their students’ unrequited affection. I recollect one such teacher who would politely refuse any gifts or roses or chocolates offered by a student. Our teachers wouldn’t join any private celebrations at the student’s residence. There wouldn’t be any, one on one session to clarify any doubts. They had to occupy the staff room or in the presence of any other teacher. Even in present times teachers usually do not share their contact details with the students or any of their social media profiles.

Teachers are wonderful human beings
How a Smart talented Teacher/ Principal could bring a wonderful learning activity for his students.

Teachers are a great source of Motivation and Inspiration. I personally feel they do wonders. They very well understand the students crush for them. A loving and caring teacher motivates such a student to an extent where he/ she reaches the peak of excellence and the feeling of crush or affection transforms to a feeling of respect and owning responsibility to his/ her life. A Good teacher becomes a Great mentor.


Did you visit your memory lane? Recollect your first crush? May be your teacher? Your sports coach?Your classmate? All first crush may or may not culminate in a permanent relationship, but the mere memory brings a sweet feeling to the mind and heart. You feel good. You smile to yourself. Did you smile now?