Awaiting Change

Everyday is a new Day. Change for better. Change your mindset.

It’s a New Day. Live it


Was this a positive change? Was this change so easy?

Anna a bubbly girl of ten just loved going to school. School for her was a place where she enjoyed being with her friends, sharing lunch boxes, playing, having fun .

A few years down the memory lane she would cry and throw tantrums for staying home. Her parents tried different ways to woo her to school. There was a park for kids adjacent to school. The pediatrician suggested her parents to make a trip to the park and  allow her to play for a while before she goes to school. “Probably she will feel good and might look forward to this activity every morning. You can later coax her to go to school. Nothing to worry Mrs. DCosta .Kids at this age are too sensitive of detachment from the parents-a part of growing stages. Keep cool. Be Positive. Very soon you will notice a change in her behavior.  Who knows? May be tomorrow. All will be fine.Handle her patiently…..Dr.Tim would advice her.

A couple of times she herself had tears rolling to hear Anna pleading her to take her home. Her innocent angel just four year old and pleading …was heart see.

Discipline and being punctual to school mattered a lot to the Holy Family Sisters. No pampering. Instead parents are expected to cooperate with the nuns to instill discipline.

A New Change would certainly come.But when ?

Would this change take a long time ? Will it come anytime? Do we see her crying on her way to school every morning?All these questions disturbed them very much.

The Change -A fresh Breeze, Comes unexpected:

One day her parents tagged her along to a school close to their vicinity. Just a visit, a casual visit.  Anna sheepishly entered the school. A huge stuffed Mickey Mouse was stationed at the gate to welcome the kids. He extended his palm, very soft palm and shook hands with her. Anna was very happy. She was eager  to see the class-rooms. There were cuttings of apples pasted on a paper tree. Each apple highlighted a student’s name. She simply wanted an apple with her name on that paper tree.

“Mamma, Dada please tell the teacher to put an apple with my name on this tree. “requested Anna. “Yes dear, but you need to come here everyday with a smile. If you do, there will be an apple with your name on that tree. Her innocence coupled with eagerness and excitement was beyond measure. Change, a positive change had made its way in Anna’s life . She was at the cusp of destiny


Happiness like a butterfly is coming towards a beautiful girl.

A Girl Awaiting Change sees it coming towards her like a Butterfly


experiencing new joy and happiness and a purpose to go to school.

At times our happiness is just around the corner but we fail to identify it. We wait for a ‘Mickey Mouse’ to lead us to our dreams. Änna was fortunate to have found one. However as adults its only  our passion , our zeal that will drive us to realize our dreams. Once we have identified our purpose, our goals then nothing should prevent us from marching towards our goals, our dreams.