Angels in our life

Angels- sounds fascinating. Feeling it? Angels. The very word brings to our mind the image of translucent beings attached to wings. But are angels real? Some say an angel is a messenger from a higher power that some call God…. Continue Reading →

Let me Love you a Little more

One is a mother while the other is in her teens. Both are the apple of my eyes. When I sit back and reminisce all those beautiful moments of my life…with these two girls… all that my heart says is… Continue Reading →

ONE & DONE- a BOOK presenting a fresh Perspective

ONE & DONE endorses that a happy family is possible even parents have just one adorable kid in the album.

What’s One & Done all about?

Its surely ‘One & Done’ when You are a single-child family and it’s your choice to stop at one. ‘So, when is the next one arriving’? Or ‘Are you planning or not?’ questions or suggestions like ‘The child must be… Continue Reading →

‘Cap-seller’ and Parents

Parents have too much expectations from kids. However parents need to demonstrate those things first for the kids to learn. Good habits or bad behavior …it is parents who influence them the most.

Virus to Us-A Letter

So what’s the letter about? asked my husband . My daughter too excited to open it for me. ‘I was stunned. A letter from a Virus to Us? My eyes almost popping out. The one who has created havoc ,… Continue Reading →

Two Paths in life

We’re done with exams… Results announced…It is Graduation day. The concept of Two Paths in Life was the final speech of the principal, which sparked too much excitement. As he arrived, he congratulated the students and gave a short speech… Continue Reading →

Pets and Motivation

It’s our golden retriever’s Jazz birthday today 21 st March. He turns 3. Three years just flew away. I sit back and wonder..pets and motivation go together! People say “Always trust God, have faith in Him, in all times. ”… Continue Reading →

Motivation for breakfast

The table was set for breakfast. Brown-bread, eggs, butter, jam, a jar full of Orange juice, a basket laden with colorful bright fruits-apples, black grapes and the greens too. A tetra-pack of milk too adorned the table. Seemed a perfect,… Continue Reading →

Crush on a Teacher

A mischievous boy of 12, with average grades, of class 7 Jim changed to a more responsible student, who no more allowed his mom to remind him of his studies and homework. She was very happy for him and for… Continue Reading →

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