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How we generally Appreciate

Appreciate beauty, success, achievements in academics, sports, awesome food, music.. so on and so forth. This is what we are advised. The topper in academics becomes the cynosure of all eyes cause he has invested all his time and energy in staying focused to achieve his goals. In the same section, there is another student who has equally invested his time and energy but failed to top the list. Will he be appreciated just as the topper? The obvious answer is NO. Do we appreciate all students in a similar manner?

The outcome is for the world to see. But the reality could be different. The underlying factors for success made the difference. What if the topper had everything on a platter? Food as per his choice was served. The environment to study in peace was provided. He had all the required reference books or had a private tutor at his disposal? Most importantly he was not bothered by any thoughts other than studies. He has wonderful, caring parents to cater to all his needs. The other mediocre student had to struggle for attending regular school cause he was doing odd jobs to sustain his family. He had to borrow books to study. He was bothered with so many worries about his survival yet he had to complete his education by any means. He did not have supportive parents, rather he had to support them. If such a student ranked in B isn’t it great?

Appreciate -in the true sense

When we appreciate success, we also need to understand the underlying factors that lead to success. It isn’t an individual effect but a combined effort of so many people. Every tiny effort is responsible for The Great Success, which we usually tend to overlook. We only admire the outcome. We admire the Palace or a great Monument or a Royal Mansion, but do we appreciate the hands of those laborers who erected it? Do we appreciate the number of musicians involved to create that Masterpiece? Do we appreciate the efforts of parents, teachers involved in imparting knowledge to the students? Do we appreciate the sacrifices that our parents make for our happiness? Do we appreciate the countless tiny blessings by the MASTER, we receive in our day to day life? The countless blessings that accelerate success. Appreciation is a kind of booster dose for a person that can be given in a different manner depending upon the situation.

Success cannot be attributed to an individual rather it is a combined effort of countless individuals that leads one to Succeed. Appreciate Success, Beauty, Royal Palaces, Mansions, Blockbuster Movies, etc.. etc.. but more importantly all those factors, individuals big or small who were of great importance in our journey to success. Every person on this earth is an achiever and contributes to its betterment as per his efficiency and capability. But Above let us thank and appreciate the  Master who presented us with this wonderful planet, Mother Earth with all its beauties and resources to make us successful humans.