Angels- sounds fascinating. Feeling it?

Angels. The very word brings to our mind the image of translucent beings attached to wings. But are angels real? Some say an angel is a messenger from a higher power that some call God. Angels are sent to guide us and teach important life lessons.

The pandemic has stretched the blanket of pain and worries across the globe. I was lost in my set of worries of life. Suddenly there was a virtual mountain of worries. How will I go about it? Will I overcome this situation?

 I was so lost in these thoughts.

You may be a strong person, people may call you iron -lady, but I ask – doesn’t iron have a melting point too? 

A tap on my shoulder… I turned back… Looked into his eyes.  A pair of deep blue eyes… a smile on his lips, “Why do you worry Veron? What’s bothering you?” he asked. 

I was startled. “Don’t you know, why I m worried?” I asked him.

He said nothing. Just smiled.

“Do you have a strategy? Have you planned for success or have you decided to fail?”

“Have you set some rules for yourself? Have you disciplined your lifestyle, your habits, your sleeping pattern, your time?” he asked me sternly but with care.

I gazed at him. Words seemed to freeze in my mouth.

“Do not fear anything. Trust HIM, but do your best first. Set rules for yourself and stick to them. Be fearless.” He said with a smile.

I felt someone stroking my hair and it was peace!!!!

“Veron! Wake up. What happened? Not well or lazy?”

It was my husband, but I knew I saw my angel. The feeling was amazing. It was bliss, peace. I felt strengthened, infused with energy.

Thank you, my Angel….