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I am a woman – God’s beautiful creation.

I am a strong woman but a quiet person. Music lifts up my soul. I love being amidst Nature. It brings serenity and a feeling of closeness with the Master. Hence I prefer solitude rather the crowd.I firmly believe in being an independent person and would rather try and put my best efforts before I seek help or strength from supportive family members or friends or mentors. I am a little impulsive and at times I have to struggle to keep patience.

I play various roles

A MOM, a WIFE, a DAUGHTER, a SISTER. However, the BEST role I enjoy always is being a FRIEND.

No expectations, no disappointments

This is what I have started practicing. I try to seek happiness in little things.  We have to be ambitious but enjoy the little beautiful moments happening in our daily life. these little moments are like butterflies. You can admire them, their colors but cannot catch them. They will perish. So also happy moments are butter-fly moments. Let us enjoy them.

Blessings that I hold to my heart:

Of the countless blessings showered I thank my CREATOR for giving me wonderful parents, the very basis of my earthly existence, my husband, a beautiful daughter, wonderful brother, and a two-year-old golden retriever Jazz who has brought jazz in our lives. I feel animal love is purest of all with a lot of innocence and no prejudices Just like the shining stars in the night sky, I have wonderful friends who have stood by me in my good and not so good times.

@my cuspofdestiny

I have some short stories, some memorable incidents, some funny moments, some random memories to share. After all, Life is all about a collection of memories.

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